our approach
Specialized in web platform development

Tailor-made solutions

for your specific needs

Reinventing the wheel is not part of our approach. Neither is tying our customers down with programs that only we know the secret of. That's why we always give preference to proven Open Source tools to build the ecosystem of solutions we offer.

This gives you all the flexibility you need to develop subsequent phases of your web applications.

Compatible and accessible

WWW <3 W3C

Exploiting the full flexibility of new web technologies while complying with W3C accessibility standards is an absolute must for us. Optimized for mobile platforms, our solutions also adapt to a wide range of older browsers.

Technologically avant-garde

On all screens

All our projects are optimized to exploit the full potential of the latest web technologies on all screens and operating systems for smartphones, tablets, traditional computers and other connected devices.


A reality of the Quebec market

There are a multitude of technological solutions on the market, but in reality, there are very few that adequately address the particularities of multilingual sites. As the Quebec market is bilingual by default, we've built up a solid expertise in the field, enabling us to appreciate the advantages and disadvantages.

with a content management system (CMS)

because a site needs to evolve

To ensure you have full control over the solutions we offer, all our web platforms are built using content management systems (CMS) renowned for their reliability and performance. Thanks to ergonomic, easy-to-use administration tools, you have a great deal of autonomy to bring your site to life and adapt your communications to your changing needs.

and optimized referencing

it's better when you're found

All our platforms are designed to be easily indexed by search engines for outstanding SEO performance.

in a technologically agnostic approach

technology to suit your needs

For us, technology is not a matter of religion. From the plethora of tried-and-tested web languages and platforms, we select the best tools available to meet the specific needs of your projects. Front-end and back-end programming languages (PHP and .NET) hold no secrets for our experts.