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Why is it important to update Wordpress?

WordPress is without doubt the most widely used content management system (CMS) on the planet.

Its popularity can be attributed to a number of factors, but its free license and ease of use have a lot to do with it.

Since its source code is developed and maintained by a community of independent developers, it's open source and available to all for analysis. This high level of visibility makes WordPress a constant target for hackers.

Safety issues

WordPress is by far the most hacked platform in the world, with new security holes being discovered on a regular basis.

The discovery of a new flaw leads to the release of an update to ensure the integrity of the software. This is of paramount importance if you've chosen WordPress to build your website.

You need to install these new updates on your site whenever they become available.

In order to minimize risks and optimize interventions, we generally recommend applying new updates once a month.

No one is immune

If you think your site isn't important enough to be targeted by hackers, think again. Hackers have different motivations for attacking a site.

Some are beginners who simply want to practice. Others, with malicious intent, may wish to hold your site hostage for ransom, distribute viruses to your visitors or send spam from your site.

Hackers are constantly scanning the web for sites to target and exploit the security hole.

Plugin complexity

Another reason why WordPress is so popular is the sheer number of modules that can be added to the site without any extra effort or in-depth knowledge of web programming.

These modules are an excellent source of security vulnerabilities, and they also need to be updated at the same time as the source.

These modules are developed by a community of independent developers. They are under no obligation to update the applications they have developed.

As a result, some modules will no longer be compatible with the new version of the source, and vice versa.

This reality makes the update stage a very sensitive one, requiring testing in a closed environment to identify the many sources of conflict that could affect site operation.

How can I protect my site?

If you decide to use WordPress for your site for the right reasons, it's very important to follow good development practices.

It's important to use a bedrock configuration to make files that are not intended for distribution inaccessible. It's also important to choose a secure password and apply the optimum level of permissions to folders.

That said, it remains imperative to constantly update the platform.

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