optimization of the online shopping experience for the brand's retailers
Argon 18

Argon 18 designs and manufactures bicycles renowned for their design quality, road handling and high level of performance. The brand's reputation is well established among cycling enthusiasts, including many world-class athletes.


Upgrade Argon 18's B2B transactional site, managing different payment methods in a variety of currencies, bulk purchasing and customer profile synchronization.


Leverage an API to:

  • connect the platform directly to the company's ERP, where the product catalog and inventory are located;
  • avoid manual entry of customer orders.


The order creation process has been totally optimized, providing the company with significant gains in terms of both speed and efficiency. Inventories are updated automatically, and retailers are able to plan their orders for the whole year.


Since then, we've been working in tandem with the Argon team to continually improve the experience of their users, both B2C and B2B.

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