setting up an online shopping experience

Duvaltex is one of the world's most influential manufacturers of commercial textiles. Mutation was commissioned to redesign the company's website in order to unify two brands and implement an online sales service.


Create a transactional site for the Duvaltex and Guilford of Maine brands aimed at two distinct markets: the general public (B2C) and businesses (B2B). Duvaltex has a very wide range of products for different markets and applications.


  • Harmonizing the site's UX and design experience for both target audiences.
  • Using geolocation to match different products in different markets with appropriate prices and currencies.


The manufacturer has a carefully designed site that showcases its textiles and stimulates sales to different audiences in Canadian and international markets. The CMS gives the team all the autonomy it needs, and the order portal enables customers to purchase using the currency of their choice.


This first mandate for Duvaltex has paved the way for the development of a lasting relationship. We're now working on evolving the platform to enable the company to take full advantage of its online tools.

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